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GTA San Andreas Burglar
Black Boxville
Requires Black Boxville
Only between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM.
Goal $10,000.= of stolen items
Reward Infinite sprint and $3,000.=
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Ski Mask

Carl Johnson can perform burglary missions at night. You can only start this mission between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM. As soon as you start this mission, CJ will wear a Ski Mask to make him unrecognizable, and you can break into houses. The houses you can use for the burglary missions can be recognized by a yellow marker (enex) in front of them. Once you are inside a house you can't make too much noise, otherwise you'll wake up the residents. Sometimes the residents are awake in the living room, in that case you have to leave the house quickly: once you become noticed you have 10 seconds to leave the house. Otherwise you'll get a 3 star wanted level and the cops will be waiting for you at the front door. Though most of the time it isn't a problem when the occupants are still awake, when there are members of a gang inside, they will try to kill you. Normally you can walk quickly, grab an item and walk outside within 10 seconds. Make sure you do this before the timer reaches zero, otherwise the police will arrange a welcome comity.

Once you're in a house you can steal televisions, stereos, radios, DVD players and game consoles, sometimes money can be found on the floor. If you want to walk inside without making noise you have to push the left analog stick slightly forward. For the PC you have to hold [ALT] while walking. Standing in front of an item, push the Triangle (PC: [ENTER]) to pick up the item. Then walk outside to the Black Boxville and put the item in the back of your Black Boxville by pressing Triangle (PC: [ENTER]). Depending on the remaining time available you can choose to break into more houses. When you're out of time, get into the Black Boxville and bring your stolen items to the marked place on the radar, this has to be done within five minutes. All of this will also be explained during the mission Home Invasion, where you have to steal crates with weapons from Colonel Fuhrberger. In total you have to steal an amount of $10,000.= in value, which can be spread over several nights. As soon as you reach the $10,000.= you've passed the mission and you'll receive a reward of $3,000.=. After you passed this mission you can still do burglaries whenever you like.

The more you steal, the more you will earn each time. It doesn't matter if you're doing burglary missions in wealthy or poor neighbourhoods. It also doesn't matter what kind of goods you steal; the money you earn doesn't depend on the kind of goods but on the amount of goods. Therefore, use the next formula: number of items2 x 20 = money. So in order to pass this mission in one night, you'll have to steal at least 23 items: 232 x 20 = $10,580.


  • Make sure you have a Black Boxville in your possession before 8:00 PM and wait until it's time to start the mission and continue until your time is up. This way you'll gain the most profit of the available time.
  • Although you can start this mission in Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, the best place to perform this mission is Los Santos. In Ganton, at your first safe house, are a lot of small houses filled with valuable items to steal and the drive to the lock up can easily be made.
  • Find two houses next to each other where you can sneak into and park your Black Boxville between them. Enter the first house and grab all the items one by one, then do the same with the second house. As soon as you enter the second house, all the items in the first house will be reloaded, so you can collect the items in the first house again. You can repeat this the entire time until 6:00 AM and you don't have to drive and search for more houses to break into. This way you can complete this mission in one single night.
  • If you select the shotgun and aim when you are sneaking CJ will walk faster without making too much noise. During the walk with a box also select the shotgun but don't aim because otherwise CJ will drop the box. This way, you walk faster than in "Sneak-mode".


  • This mission is fun and revives a lot of money, but it isn't necessary for the 100% progress.
  • The Ski Mask can't be bought in shops and will never be available in your wardrobe, it can only be seen during this mission. As soon as you walk into your wardrobe during this mission you'll lose the Ski Mask and will fail the mission.
  • Although this mission can be started anywhere in San Andreas you won't be able to burglar in the villages, as there are no houses to enter. Burglaries can only be performed in the three big cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Generally vehicle-missions aren't bounded by location, but if you start this mission in the Badlands or Desert you'll have to drive to the nearest big city in order to be able to burglar.


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