Hostile Negotiation

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Mission in GTA IV
Have a Heart,
Photo Shoot
Hostile Negotiation
Paper Trail
Starts at After Mallorie's phonecall
Given by Mallorie Bardas
Reward Safe house in Algonquin

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After you answered Mallorie’s phone call, she will tell you that Roman has been kidnapped by a Russian gangster he owed money. Go to the old warehouse on the radar. Near the marker you will find an AK-47, which can be very useful. Then enter the marker. There will be a small cut scene, in which Niko will search for cover. The gangsters have not seen you yet, so shoot the two talking gangsters in front of you by surprise. Then shoot everybody else on the ground floor. Then enter the hall and shoot as many gangsters as possible on your right on the first floor. Be careful: On the first floor behind you there will be some more gangsters. Shoot them as well. Move upwards and shoot the remaining gangsters. Move on towards the stairs. Watch out, because when you walk towards the stairs you will be shot from behind at a certain moment, this time from the next floor. Shoot them as well before you enter the stairs. There will be more gangsters searching for cover behind pillars and barrels which you can see when you are on the stair. Take them down. Take cover behind the first pillar and throw a grenade at the last pillar, there will be standing someone with a combat shotgun. Then go on to the next stairs. When you are almost there, you will be shot by some gangsters standing on some kind of pipe. They are without cover, so you can take them down easily. Move up on the stairs but turn around when you are halfway. Some gangsters will be shooting you from up the roof. Continue moving up the stairs and take cover. There will be two more gangsters behind some corrugated iron. Take them down and move on. Do not just walk through the door; it is possible you will be shot from the post. When this happens, just shoot the gangster and enter the room. But when no-one is shooting you, it does not mean this gangster is not there. He will be waiting for you passed the doorway on the right. So walk while pointing your gun, preferably a shotgun, through the door and shoot him. After that there will be a cut scene in which Roman’s attacker appears and he will point a gun at Roman. Take your pistol and shoot him in the head. Then follow Roman to the Bobcat which is parked outside and take him to your save house.
After this mission Roman will send you a text message to thank you, and after a while he will call you. He has bought you a present, a luxurious new safe house in Algonquin!


  • A full ring of health and armor will always be useful.
  • Make sure you already have some ammunition for an assault rifle and a SMG.
  • When you have to liberate Roman it is better to use a pistol, because it is more accurate than a SMG. It is even better to use a sniper rifle, so you can aim even better. Make sure you squat, so the gun sight will not move.
  • If you want to shoot Roman's attacker, you better wait for him to shoot at you, because at that moment you will have the least chance to hit Roman.


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