Photo Shoot

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Mission in GTA IV
Deconstruction for Beginners
Photo Shoot
The Holland Play
Hostile Negotiation
Random character: Jeff
Starts at PlayboyMarker.png Playboy X's appartment
Given by Playboy X
Reward $6750,=
new phone

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Playboy X wants you to kill someone, because he gives him a bad name. The problem is that Niko does not know who to kill, because Playboy X only can give a vague description and because the subject will be with friends. That is why you get a new phone, with which you can make photos. Go to the basketbalcourt on Exeter Avenue, which will be indicated on the radar. There will be explained how you should take a photo and you have to make a photo of the group. You have to send the photo to Playboy X. Eventually it appears to be the man with the black jacket (or red, yellow, green or blue; this changes if you replay the mission) whose name is appears to be Marlon, who you have to kill. When Marlon is dead, the mission is passed.


  • Make sure you walk away quickly, because Marlon’s friends will open fire upon you.
  • Before you take the photo, you should drive around the court. There are some cars by the exits, in which Marlon will try to flee. There are two silver Patriots and a Sabre GT. Drive both Patriots away from the court, just into an adjacent street, so Marlon can not flee in them. Destroying them is even better, but then you risk a wanted level. Go to the Sabre GT so Marlon will not use it. Then take the photo and a weapon. Marlon will now flee on foot, so there will be no long chase by car.


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