Jeffrey "O.G. Loc" Cross

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OG loc.JPG
Jeffrey Cross
O.G. Loc
Gender Male
Gang Grove Street Families
Hometown Los Santos
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice Jonathan Anderson

Jeffrey Cross is a friend of Carl Johnson and the other Grove Street members. He lives in Grove Street, in the house opposite the Johnson House. Jeffrey wants to be a gangster, but the rest of the gang doesn't take him very serious. To gain some respect, he starts calling himself O.G. Loc and commits various small crimes to get in jail. When CJ arives in Los Santos in 1992, OG Loc was indeed send to jail, but gets parole and is assigned a job as a cleaner at Burger Shot.

OG Loc's goal is to become a successful rapper and is oblivious to the fact his voice and raps are dreadful. He asks CJ to kill the manager of the popular rapper Madd Dogg and steal his rhyme book, so he can become more succesful than Madd Dogg and use his rhymes. Later, CJ befriends Madd Dogg and gets him his rhyme book, ending O.G. Loc's career.