Johnson House

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The Johnson House

The Johnson House is the house of the Johnson family, where Sweet, CJ and Kendl live or have lived. Beverly, their mother, died when the house was attacked by the Ballas, who did a drive-by from a green Sabre.

The house is located in the cul de sac of Grove Street in Los Santos, San Andreas, between Ryder's house and Sweet's house. It is your first safe house in GTA San Andreas and you don't have to buy it. It has a garage where you can store two vehicles at a time.


The first floor of the house consist of a livingroom containing a CJD-500 game console (which is based on the SEGA Megadrive), and the kitchen. After spraying all 100 tags, an AK 47, a tec-9, a sawn-off shotgun and molotov cocktails will appear in the kitchen.

Upstairs, you'll find the bedroom, containing a camera and a spray can (after the mission Tagging up Turf), and your wardrobe, where you can change your clothes.

Hidden interior
Johnson House
(Heaven B)
X = 491,7402
Y = 1400,541
Z = 1080,265
Living room
Garage with Asset marker
Kitchen with weapons
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