Madd Dogg

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Madd Dogg
Name unknown
Madd Dogg
Gender Male
Gang Na.
Hometown Los Santos (Mulholland)
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice Tracy "Ice-T" Marrow

Madd Dogg is a successful rapper from Los Santos. After Carl Johnson stole Madd Dogg's rhymebook and killed his manager for OG Loc, things went downhill for Madd Dogg. He gambled away all the money he had left and his house was taken over by a big crack dealer of the Los Santos Vagos and he tries to commit suicide. CJ prevents this by catching him after he jumps of the casino and takes him to a rehab clinic. Carl helps Madd Dogg with taking back his house and his "rhymebook". After this he became as successful as he was before, and thanks CJ on the radio and face to face.