Late Checkout

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Mission in GTA IV
No Way on the Subway
Late Checkout
Truck Hustle
Starts at RayMarker.png Drusilla's, Little Italy
Given by Ray Boccino
Reward $11.000

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Isaac Roth, the diamond dealer from the mission Museum Piece, blames everything on Ray. Ray is really pissed off and orders Niko to kill Isaac and his men. So go to the Majestic Hotel and walk into the marker which you will see. Then go to the elevators and use one to go up.

Someone will tell you that you are not welcome. Take out a gun and kill him. Take cover by the wall and kill everyone in the hallway. Then walk on and shoot the last one on this floor in the staircase. Go upstairs and go through the door. Be careful, from your left someone will appear and shoot at you. Kill him and go where he came from. Now you will see two white doors. Behind these doors are some more men you have to take down. Kill them all and go to the stairs. Shoot the men over there and go to the kitchen.

Over there you have the choice to kill one of the dealers or to let him live. Then go upstairs and to the room on your left where another dealer will be. Be careful, there might be someone else in the room as well. If there is, kill him and then execute the dealer.

Once he is dead you have to go upstairs. Be careful, at the top of the stairs there will be someone who does not like you. Move up a bit more and look to your right. Shoot the last two men and Isaac. You now have a two star wanted level. Go up to the balcony and down the stairs to the left. Shoot some more men and go to the facade elevator. Lower it and leave it, the mission will be passed. You will still have a two star wanted level!


  • There will be a lot of shooting, make sure you are full on health and armor.
  • Select a shotgun before you enter the elevator. When it opens, you can shoot the guy on your right. When you have to clear the hallway after that, a grenade is very useful.
  • When you are on the last stairs, with only Isaac and his bodyguards left, you can shoot the orange gas cylinder. If it explodes, it will kill Isaac and the two men. You will also see a cut scene in which Isaac falls down the building.
  • When you leave the facade elevator, just wait in the alley. After a brief moment Niko will call Ray, and running for the police is difficult when you are on the phone. The police will not enter the alley, and after the call to Ray, you can leave the alley and loose your wanted level.
  • If you use automatic save, you can reload the save game after it has saved. This way you have lost your wanted level.
  • In the kitchen you will find health, on the terrace on top of the building you will find armor.


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