Madd Dogg's Mansion

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Madd Dogg's Mansion

Madd Dogg's Mansion is a special safe house that eventually will become available after completing the missing A Home in the Hills. The original owner of the house is Madd Dogg, but when OG Loc tells Carl Johnson to snatch Madd Dogg's Rhymebook and kill Madd Dogg's manager (Management Issues) it only is a matter of time before Madd Dogg loses all his money. The house is taken over by Big Poppa, a huge crack dealer of the Los Santos Vagos. After CJ saves Madd Dogg from committing suicide in the mission Madd Dogg he takes on the Los Santos Vagos with the help of some Triads from Las Venturas and kills Big Poppa in a wild chase. After all this the Mansion will be property of CJ and is useful for saving your game.


Once the Mansion becomes yours, you will have access to all the rooms and features of the house. From the upper entrance the first thing you will notice is the save-card, use this feature at any time to save your progress. In the next to 2 rooms you can find a entrance to another part of the house and also some body armor. Entering this part of the house will also give you access to the Night vision goggles. The next hallway will lead to main living room with a CJD-500 console, there is also a sound recording studio located in between. In the main living room you can also find Thermal goggles. On the other side of the house you can find a well filled indoors gym with all machines available in the game. The outside is a little less interesting, the garages you may have noticed aren't able to store any vehicles and are there just for show. Also, Madd Dogg's Mansion doesn't have any kind of wardrobe.

Hidden interior
Madd Dogg's
(Heaven A)
X = 1272,9116
Y = -768,9028
Z = 1090,5097
Hallway with gameconsoles
Outdoors pool
Bedroom with Armor
Sound recording studio
Main livingroom
Livingroom with a bar
Indoors gym
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