Mr. and Mrs. Bellic (revenge)

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Mission in GTA IV
A Dish Served Cold
Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
Out of Commission
Starts at After Niko calls Kate
Given by Roman
Reward None

Main Page > GTA IV > Missions > Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

Main Page > Grand Theft Auto IV > Missions > Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

Roman will call you and after you talk about the fact you took revenge on Dimitri he tells you to come to his wedding, which will be the next day at 10 A.M. Around 8 A.M. Niko will call Kate McReary. He asks her to join him at Roman’s wedding. She loves to, and asks you to pick her up at her mother’s house. So go there and honk to get her attention. She will get into the car and you will have to drive to the church. Kate will tell you she thinks it is a bit weird, going to a wedding of some people she has never met along with a man she hardly knows. Niko tells her he wants to get to know her better. Since he has taken care of his problems, he wants to move on. They will talk about how things go and if it is possible for him to stay away from trouble. But Niko is very confident about it.

When you stop at the marker near the church a cut scene will start in which Roman and Mallorie will be pronounced husband and wife. Once they are outside everybody is still very cheerful. This changes when Jimmy Pegorino appears at the scene in his limousine. He opens a window and will call Niko names, after which he opens fire at Niko with his AK-47. But he does not hit Niko, but Kate. Roman calls for an Ambulance, but it is too late. She is dead and dies in Niko’s arms. Niko blames himself and yells at Roman. Jacob takes him away and they promise they will try to help him however possible.

You now passed the mission. You will see Niko waking up in his safe house in Bohan. He will be wearing his old clothes and he is still angry. You will receive a text message from Jacob. He wants you to stay strong, while he is trying to find out where Jimmy is.


  • You have to wait until it is 10 A.M. It is easy to advance time by saving, each time you save 6 hours go by.
  • This mission is no more than a cut scene; you do not need full health or armor.