Oysters 41-50 (GTA San Andreas)

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Oyster 41

Oyster 41 can be found if you go from the runway of Easter Bay Airport in a strait line towards the coast of Red County. In the curve of The Panopticon, in very shallow water, you'll find this oyster.

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Oyster 42

This oyster is in Fisher's Lagoon, a small lake southwest of Palomino Creek. There is a pier and at the end of the pier, in shallow water you'll find oyster number 42. For that matter there are whisper to avoid this area around midnight ...

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Oyster 43

Oyster number 43 can be found beneath the enormous long railway-bridge crossing San Andreas Sound. This bridge, the Frederick Bridge, connects Las Venturas with Red County. The oyster will be exactly in the middle of the bridge, at the foundation of one of the pillars.

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Oyster 44

We're going from one end of San Andreas to another, oyster 44 is located in the Sherman Reservoir, against The Sherman Dam. Coming from the north you'll see four intake towers in the water in front of the dam and this oyster will be between the two towers at the right.

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Oyster 45

From The Sherman Dam continue in southern direction until you reach the village Las Barrancas at your right-hand side. Go around the village and enter the inlet until the water practically disappears under a bridge. Beneath this bridge you'll find oyster number 45.

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Oyster 46

This oyster is located east of Bayside Marina. In the inlet at the beach will be a hydroplane (Skimmer) and next to it you'll see a rock-face. Exactly beneath the point of this rock you'll find oyster 46 in shallow water.

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Oyster 47

The motorway from Bayside to Las Venturas winds at a certain point close to the coast (close to your safe-house near Las Barrancas) and you'll find there a brick wall. In front of this brick wall you'll find oyster number 47.

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Oyster 48

This oyster can be found under the Gant Bridge, but this time at the side of Bayside. Where the bridge reaches the shore there is a small gap between the shore and the last pillar. Oyster number 48 can be found in this gap in deep water. You'll only see it when you're close to the location.

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Oyster 49

This oyster could be hard to find. It's located in the most northern sea. Between Verdant Meadows (your airstrip) and Las Venturas runs a railway strait through the landscape before it eventually turns, close to the coast, towards Las Venturas. Draw an imaginary line which extent the strait railway into the sea, this would give you an idea of the location of oyster 49. You'll find it close to shore, against the rocks.

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Oyster 50

The last oyster is located west of the village Palomino Creek. When you go from San Andreas Sound towards Fisher's Lagoon you'll first come upon a wide bridge and further on a smaller one. Oyster number 50 can be found beneath this smaller bridge. That's it, your done. Have a nice cold drink and enjoy another few percentages closer to the ultimate object to reach 100%.

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