Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard

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Flying School view

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Hidden interior
AC Tower
(Heaven F)
X = 419,614
Y = 2536,603
Z = 10

The Flying School is not much more than an aircraft graveyard with a runway. It's located in the desert of Bone County. You have to buy the airstrip during the mission Verdant Meadows, which you get from Mike Toreno. It costs $80,000 to buy, look in the mission description how to get it quite easily. Before you can continue with the storyline, you'll have to complete the Flying School.

Abandoned AC Tower

The airstrip contains a safe house, which is located beneath the abandoned AC Tower. Also, you can save vehicles in the garage and the hangar on the other side of the strip. This hangar is big enough to save an aircraft and can hold to a maximum of 4 vehicles. The safe house itself only contains one room with a desk, a fieldbed and some pictures of airplanes on the wall. Walk through the SavePointMarker.gif icon to save the game. When you completed the mission Green Goo, a jetpack will spawn outside next to the garage. Also, a dollarsign will appear, which generates to $10,000 every day. As soon as you buy the property, a PCJ 600 will spawn next to the antenna. After completing the mission Up, Up and Away! a Leviathan will spawn on one of the helipads. When you've completed Vertical Bird, a Hydra will spawn on the airstrip.

With 5 vehicles to spawn on it, one bike, one jetpack and room to save 8 vehicles in two garages, this safe house is one of the most convenient properties to act as HQ.

Verdant Meadows
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