Sonny Forelli

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Sonny Forelli
Sonny Forelli
Gender Male
Gang Forelli Family
Hometown Liberty City
GTA GTA Vice City
Voice Tom Sizemore

Sonny Forelli is the leader of the Liberty City based Forelli Family. In 1971, he was worried about Forelli member Tommy Vercetti, who could pose a threat to his business. He tried to get rid of him by sending him into an ambush, but Tommy managed to kill all hit men and got sent to prison. When he was released from prison fifteen years later, Sonny didn't want him walking around in Liberty City, so he sent him to Vice City to make a drug deal with the Vance Family. Sonny planned to let Tommy set up some business in Vice City, so Sonny could take over his business to expand the power of the Forelli Family to Vice City. However, when he comes to Vice City to take care of Tommy (with the help of Tommy's right hand Lance Vance), he is killed by Tommy.