Lance Vance

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Lance Vance
Lance Vance
Lance "Dance" Vance
Quentin Vance
Gender Male
Gang Vance Family
Vercetti Gang
Hometown Vice City
GTA GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
Voice Philip Michael Thomas

Lance Vance is a drug dealer who operates in Vice City with his older brother Victor. Vance is a trained helicopter pilot.

Lance in GTA VCS

GTA Vice City Stories

Lance comes to Vice City in 1984 when his brother got discharged from the army. Lance arranges some criminal jobs, telling Victor it is an easy way to make a lot of money. Victor knows his brother tends to get into trouble a lot and is reluctant to engage in more criminal activities, but eventually accepts his offer. Lance's contact Brian Forbes turns out to be a undercover cop in stead of a drug dealer, but Lance eventually succeeds in stealing a large quantity of drugs. Lance, overwhelmed with the prospect of being rich, buys several new suits and even new apartments and drags Victor even further into the drug dealing business.

Lance in GTA Vice City

Lance and Victor are still drug dealers two years later. A drug deal with the Forelli Family is ambushed by Ricardo Diaz' men and Victor is shot dead. Lance escapes with his helicopter and decides to find out who killed his brother and stole their drugs. He meets Tommy Vercetti, who wants the same thing and they decide to work together. They discover it was coke baron Ricardo Diaz who was responsible for the attack. Tommy insists on waiting for the right opportunity to kill Diaz and take over his business, but Lance cannot wait and tries to kill him on his own. He fails and is kidnapped and tortured by Diaz' henchmen. Tommy saves him and brings him to a hospital. They later break into Diaz Mansion and kill Diaz together.

Lance starts to become irritated by the way Tommy treats him, as he thinks Tommy treats him as a little kid like his brother would do. He eventually sells Tommy out to Sonny Forelli when Sonny comes to Vice City to take over Tommy's business. Tommy kills Lance in a shoot-out on the roof of the mansion.