Beefy Baron

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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Zero's RC Shop.
Beefy Baron
Requires New Model Army
Location Zero's RC Shop
Goal Destroy as many RC Vans as possible
Reward None

As soon as you completed the Zero submissions, the Beefy Baron challenge becomes available. You can find the challenge in the back of Zero's RC Shop in front of the computer. The challenge is practically the same as the mission Supply Lines, but with this challenge you can practice your flying skill with the RC Baron. Within three minutes you have to destroy as many Berkley's Top Fun Vans as possible. The locations of those vans will not be displayed on your radar, so you have to find them on your own. They are spread over whole San Fierro, so with any luck you can find at least one. For every van you destroy you are rewarded with one point.


  • Land the RC Baron behind the vans and start shooting them. This way you will destroy the vans with ease and also very fast.
  • As said before, the challenge is only to practice your skills and for fun. You don't need it to complete the game 100%.


  • Except for the points and skills you will gain while doing the challenge frequently, there is no reward.