End of the Line

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Los Desperados
35% gang territories
End of the Line
No next mission
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward Respect
End of the riots.

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Carl Johnson picks up Sweet, it's time to take revenge on Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris. After the cut scene you'll have to drive with Sweet to Big Smoke's Crack Palace, which is located in East Los Santos. Ballas and Seville Boulevard Families are blocking the road now and then. Drive into the red marker when you arrive at the indicated spot and a cut scene will start. In this cut scene you get to see a fight between the police and some Ballas. The police is using a S.W.A.T., which is the vehicle you'll have to use to force your way into the building where Big Smoke is hiding himself. Steal the S.W.A.T. tank from behind the police, which is a few streets from Big Smoke's Crack Palace. Get in the S.W.A.T. tank and penetrate the building. Drive over the gang members on the ground level. Get out of the S.W.A.T. tank and walk through the door.

Big Smoke

First floor: By walking through the door you'll get in a hallway. Walk upstairs to get to the first floor of Big Smoke's Crack Fortress. This first floor is called the Security area. On your way up you'll have to shoot all the enemies you come across. If it's necessary grab the armor pick-up behind the little wall. Behind the next door there will be a lot of gang members, so take cover behind some boxes or behind a door. The Ballas, Vagos and San Fierro Rifa will open fire out of proportions, but you'll have to try to kill them all. Meanwhile a S.W.A.T. tank will force it's way into the building so you also have to shoot the S.W.A.T. team. Go through the next door where more gang members will be. Kill them all, walk upstairs while shooting the Ballas gang member and go through the last door of this floor.

Second floor: The next floor you'll reach is called the Drug Lab. Again you'll have to walk upstairs and shoot the present gang members. Behind the next door there will be an abundance of gang members. Take cover and shoot them all, it might be convenient to shoot the oil barrels, because with the explosion you can kill multiple gang members at the same time. Walk upstairs and continue around over the footbridge. There will appear some gang members, so kill them to avoid problems. Go through the next door and at your right-hand side will be an armor pick-up. This could be very useful if you've been shot multiple times during the mission. Go through the next door and you will be at the stairs to the next floor of the building.

Third floor: This floor of Big Smoke's Crack Fortress is called the Ballas Lounge. Walk upstairs and walk through the door at the top of the stairs. You'll be now in a kind of canteen with benches and a two side rooms. Behind some of the pillars are Vagos gang members standing with a shotgun. Watch out for them because some of them will attack you by surprise. Shoot all of the gang members you'll see on your way through, in the side rooms you can find a health and armor pick up. Eventually you'll come upon the next stairs, walk up to the top floor.

Fourth floor: This is the top floor of Big Smoke's Crack Fortress and it's the floor where Big Smoke is hiding himself. When you enter the room of Big Smoke a cut scene will start. After this you've to kill Big Smoke, but he has an AK 47 and some Vagos gang members defending him. He's also wearing a body armor, which means that you have to shoot him a lot of times before he eventually dies. Shoot him to death and a cut scene will start. Officer Tenpenny appears to be in the building. He demands you to give him the money that Big Smoke has earned and tries to escape. In the so-called Drug Lab, Tenpenny shoots with a combat shotgun at the machinery. One of the consequences of Tenpenny's shots is the fact that the whole building is catching fire.



Marker Savepoint

If you fail the mission after you killed Big Smoke and you save your progress you'll continue the mission from this moment. Then you'll start with the cut scene in which Big Smoke dies and Tenpenny starts the fire in the drug lab.

Burning Crack Palace

Now you'll get night-vision goggles and you'll have to chase Frank Tenpenny. For this, you've a time limit of seven minutes. Within these seven minutes you've to get outside because the whole building is about to explode. Walk back to where you came from, killing all the gang members blocking your path. When you arrive at the Drug Lab, which caught on fire, you've to pick up the fire extinguisher. Extinguish the fire at the door and walk through the door. After this, you've to extinguish another fire, but first you've to kill the gang members who are shooting at you. Walk further on and extinguish all the fires blocking your path. Walk through the next door, go downstairs and walk through another door. But watch out, because in the next room behind that door will be a lot of gang members. Kill them all and walk through the next door. In this way you've to go through all the floors to get to the ground level. When you arrive there a cut scene will start in which CJ runs out of the building, just before everything around him explodes.



Marker Savepoint

If you fail the mission after you escaped from the burning and exploding Crack Palace and you save your progress you'll continue the mission from this moment. Then you'll start in the Feltzer and directly have to follow Tenpenny to catch Sweet.

Frank Tenpenny

In the next cut scene you'll see Tenpenny getting into a Fire Truck. Sweet doesn't want him to escape, so he jumps after him. While Sweet is hanging on the ladder of the fire truck Tenpenny drives away. CJ gets in a white Feltzer parked outside to follow them. For a big part of this mission the Feltzer will be bulletproof, so don't worry about your car. The vehement chase after Tenpenny and Sweet leads you trough whole Los Santos. After a while you'll get at the motorway in the vicinity of Playa del Seville. There you'll have to close in on the fire truck, because one of Tenpenny's friends is stamping on Sweet's fingers. There will appear a bar on your screen, which indicates the grip of Sweet. Drive the Feltzer under Sweet, so he'll fall on the bonnet of the Feltzer when he loses his grip. When you successfully catch Sweet he'll climb over the windscreen to take over the drivers position.

Next is a chase through the poor districts of Los Santos. You'll have to try to seize officer Tenpenny, but he's driving like a lunatic, so it won't be easy to make this a success. It will even become more difficult, because other police cars are chasing you and from that moment the Feltzer won't be bulletproof anymore. Make sure to destroy the chasing cars or kill the officers in de cars. After a few minutes of speeding through Los Santos it seems that you've lost all your chasers and at that moment something unexpected happens. Frank Tenpenny looses control over his car and crashes off the viaduct above Grove Street. The fire truck is not meant for this kind of stunt and catches fire. After a few moments the fire truck explodes and officer Tenpenny dies. Now a cut scene will start, first you'll see CJ, Sweet, Kendl, Cesar and The Truth looking at the body of Frank Tenpenny, after which they go inside the Johnson House. After a few moments Ken Rosenberg, Madd Dogg, Kent Paul and Maccer walk inside with Madd Dogg's golden record, a big party is held there and it's clear: you've completed the mission and finished all the missions of the storyline. Congratulations!


  • It's recommended to pass the Paramedic missions, the Vigilante missions and the Firefighter missions prior to this mission. So you'll have maximum health, your body armor will be 150% and you'll be fireproof. Now it will be very easy to walk through the fire and besides that the chance of getting wasted will be decreased.
  • Before you start this mission visit the local Ammu-Nation and buy a M4 and an armor. To get a huge amount of ammo repeat this trick a few times: start the Ammu-Nation Challenge and quit the challenge directly after starting it. This way you'll double your amount of bullets every time. Now you don't have to worry about your ammo.
  • (PC) It's recommended to play with a lower resolution during your way back through Big Smoke's Crack Palace. The game will run smoother and extinguishing fires will be a lot easier. After stepping in your Feltzer, you can turn the resolution back normal.
  • The white Feltzer is still bulletproof if you fail the last part of this mission, you can store it in a garage if you want to.