Los Desperados

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Los Desperados
End of the Line
Starts at Marker Sweet's House
Given by Cesar Vialpando
Reward Respect

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In this mission you have to go with Cesar Vialpando and his homies into El Corona and Little Mexico to conquer the four territories. Cesars gang, the Varrio Los Aztecas, want to reclaim the territories from the Los Santos Vagos. Three old homies and friends of Cesar wait at Unity Station, they want to fight no matter what to regain control over their territories.

Carl thinks more people are required for this job. So you'll have to recruit two homies of the Grove Street Families to help capturing El Corona and Little Mexico. After this, step into the Greenwood parked in front of Sweet's House and drive to Unity Station. Meanwhile Cesar asks Carl for the hand of Kendl, Carl agrees but he needs to persuade Sweet on this. At that moment you will reach Unity Station, where the three old friends of Cesar are waiting at the other side of the railroad track. Step into the red marker and the battle for El Corona and Little Mexico begins.

After a conversation with the three Varrio Los Aztecas members you'll have to kill numerous Vagos members between different houses in El Corona. Try to prevent too much damage to your health by taking cover behind walls. When all the Vagos are killed you have to walk to the next part of the territory to find the next group of Vagos. They're already waiting for the attack and will open fire as soon as they notice you. Kill them all, and if it's necessary, grab the health pick-up to your left at the railway. Now there's another part of El Corona you have to purify from Vagos. Again you'll have to kill all the Vagos, who are hiding themselves quite well between the houses. After killing them all walk to the next part of El Corona: the alleys behind Cesar's house are next. A lot of Vagos-members are running towards you and your homies, so take cover behind the car parked in the alley. Now shoot them all from behind the car and walk after Cesar's friends. Next are some garage boxes where some Vagos are hidden. Kill them all and turn around, because another group of Vagos will come from behind. Kill them quickly to avoid damage to your own health and continue.

The last part of the mission is coming up, so keep on being concentrated. This is the street where Cesar lives and a short cut scene will start after arriving here. Various Vagos are walking around with a Tec-9 and there's one Vagos gang member with a rocket launcher, who's standing on the roof of one of the houses. Shoot the gang member with the Rocket Launcher first, otherwise he can be very annoying. Kill the remaining Vagos members to end the mission. Mission passed!


  • From now on the four territories in El Corona and Little Mexico will not be indicated anymore with a yellow color on your map. This means that the Los Santos Vagos lost control over these territories. The area is now the property of Cesar Vialpando and his gang, the Varrio Los Aztecas.