One Last Thing

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Mission in GTA IV
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
That Special Someone
One Last Thing
DealMarker.png If the Price is Right,
RevengeMarker.png A Dish Served Cold
Starts at JimmyMarker.png Honkers
Given by Jimmy Pegorino
Reward None

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When you meet up with Jimmy Pegorino at Honkers, he will ask you a favour. He wants you to work with the Russians, with Dimitri Rascalov. It is about a heroin deal and there is a lot of money involved.

After you leave Honkers, Niko will call Roman and tell him about it. Roman will tell you he heard something about it and he already knows where Dimitri is. Niko asks Roman why he should not kill Dimitri at once, but Roman tells him he already likes the money he can make. He does not mind his old apartment burned down, because he already has a better one. He tells Niko to think about it

After this Niko will call Kate and tell her about the choices. Kate says you do not need the money, you have enough and it will not change your life. She also tells you she will not respect you any more if you sell all the things you believe in for money.

After this phone call the choice is yours: Do you take revenge on Dimitri or will you work with him for a lot of money? If you choose revenge, you must go to the RevengeMarker.png–icon on the radar, and if you choose the money, you must go to the DealMarker.png–sign. If you do not know what to choose, you can see the effects over here.


  • Save your game in another slot after this mission, so later you can choose the other choice, and you can play the other missions.


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Make your choise.