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Welcome to WikiGTA

WikiGTA is a large site about Grand Theft Auto series, where you can find walkthroughs, screens, maps and other information about the complete series.

WikiGTA is part of the GTAGames network and started as a relatively small Dutch site, but has grown to become one of the biggest walkthroughs. Our target is to collect as much info about the Grand Theft Auto Series as we can. We are now translating much of the Dutch wiki to access more and more people.

Contrary to most other wiki sites, this website is build and maintained by a limited group of people, so you can be sure that all info comes from knowledgeable people and the quality of information on this site is maintained.

WikiGTA: Your source

WikiGTA also documents the story lines of the GTA games, which means pages may contain plot details or even spoilers. If you have not completed the games and do not want to know plot details, we advice you to exercise caution when reading pages regarding the story of the games.

Although WikiGTA is a wiki using MediaWiki, it is not an open-edit project and content is not available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. This means content of WikiGTA may not be used without permission of our team. See our disclaimer for more information.

Answers to more frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ.

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