Riot (GTA San Andreas)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Cut Throat Business
Grove 4 Life
Los Desperados
Starts at Marker Madd Dogg's Mansion
Given by Sweet
Reward Respect

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You will see a cut scene in which CJ, Sweet, Kendl, Cesar, The Truth, Madd Dogg and Maccer are watching the tv in Madd Dogg's Mansion. The local news is being broadcast in which is told that Tenpenny's crimes came to light. The bodies of his fellow-officers Jimmy Hernandez and Eddie Pulaski have been found. The whole city reacts indignant and is getting angry. Riots are coming up in Los Santos, which can be summarized best by the words of the reporter: "Los Santos will burn tonight!" This will be so true...

Sweet wants you to drive him to Grove Street to make sure the hood of the Grove Street Families will be safe. Step into the Greenwood where Sweet is waiting for you in the passengers seat and drive him to the square in Ganton, at the Johnson House. The mission sounds very easy but that ain't true, because the whole city is angry. Try to avoid the small roads and drive as much as possible via the motorways of Los Santos. This way you will avoid the police and angry citizens. Also try to avoid getting a wanted level, because the police will take strong action against you. The mission is passed when you arrive in Grove Street, Ganton.


  • When the mission starts you'll see the Mothership of The Truth parked at the mansion. If you want to have the Mothership get in the van and put it aside and destroy the Greenwood with Sweet inside which will fail the mission. Now drive the Mothership into one of your garages.
  • The riots in Los Santos will be over as soon as the last mission of the storyline is passed.