Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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Mission in GTA IV
She's a Keeper
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
One Last Thing
Random character: Gracie Ancelotti
Starts at GeraldMarker.png Alderney State Correctional Facility
Given by Gerald McReary
Reward None

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The Ancelottis have agreed with Gerald’s demands for an exchange. Gracie will be exchanged for the diamonds. Go to the safe house in Algonquin to pick up Packie and Gracie. Packie will tell you the exchange will take place on Charge Island on a place called Sewage Works. Drive to the place, while Packie in the back is having fun with Gracie. When you get there you will see Tony Prince and his bodyguard Luis Lopez. They will place the diamonds in the middle, after which you deliver Gracie to them. But when Packie wants to grab the diamonds, a car appears, with no-one else than Bulgarin. He accuses Niko of stealing, again, and he claims the Ancelottis stole the diamonds from him, which is not correct. Right before a massive gunfight starts, one of Bulgarin’s men takes the diamonds. When you control Niko, you have to shoot as many of Bulgarin’s men as possible, while taking cover behind a car. When Packie goes ahead, do not follow him instant, but first make sure most of the men are dead. When all of Bulgarin’s men on the ground are dead, you will have to go up a stairs to a platform. When you are almost at the top, Packie warns you of two enemies straight ahead. Shoot them both, be sure not to hit Packie. Now several men appear on the platform behind you. Take cover behind the pipes and follow Packie. When these guys are dead you and Packie will separate. He will go over the road while you have to move on ahead. There will be reinforcements, below you this time. Bulgarin’s men arrive in three cars, take them down as quickly as possible. A rocket launcher or a few grenades will come in handy. After the reinforcements are dead, you will meet up with Packie again. When you go around the corner, you will see the man with the diamonds. Packie promises him to spare his life if he gives him the diamonds. The man knows he will die either way: When he gives away the diamonds, Bulgarin will kill him, and if he does not, Packie and Niko will kill him. He throws the diamonds onto the road below them; they fall onto a passing garbage truck. Now take down the final two enemies. After that Packie will ask you to bring him home. Several times he will tell you he does not believe what happened and Niko will tell him about Bulgarin. When Packie is back at his mother’s house, the mission is passed.


  • Make sure you have a full ring of health and armor.
  • Besides a rocket launcher and a few grenades an assault rifle will come in handy.
  • Call Roman for a taxi when you have to bring Packie home.


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