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Random characters are characters who you can find in the city, and you can do a little mission for them. In Liberty City, there are 14 random rharacters. 3 of them are characters you can kill during missions: Ivan (in Ivan the Not So Terrible), Cherise (in Ruff Rider) and Clarence (in Holland Nights). But for 100% completion of the game, you only need to do 10 of them.

The random characters are not on your in-game map, so you will have to use the following map. When you come in the neighbourhood you will see a green or blue doll on your radar. This is where a random character is. But the random characters won't be on their place 24 hours a day, so you will have to come on a certain time. When you have completed all 14 random characters, you will get the Trophy / Achievement "No More Strangers". But you really have to do all 14, 10 or 11 is not enough!

Random characters Northwest Northeast Whole map
Southwest Southeast Color Print friendly
Brian (First Encounter)
Brian (Second Encounter)
Brian (Third Encounter)
Sara (First Encounter)
Sara (Second Encounter)
Pathos (First Encounter)
Pathos (Second Encounter)
Marnie (First Encounter)
Marnie (Second Encounter)
Eddie (First Encounter)
Eddie (Second Encounter)
Jeff (First Encounter)
Jeff (Second Encounter)
Jeff (Third Encounter)
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