Fender Ketchup

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Learning to Fly
Fender Ketchup
Explosive Situation
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Wu Zi Mu
Reward $5,000.=

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Woozie tells CJ about some problems of the casino. There are three mafia families in town, which all have a share of Caligula's Palace. These mafia are giving Woozie a hard time trying to run The Four Dragons Casino. One of Woozie's men rushes into the office and tells that they have found some thugs trying to smash one of the deliveries. They managed to catch at least one of them, Johnny Sindacco. CJ orders the Triads to tie the thug on the bonnet of a car.

Your task is to scare Johnny as much as you can, to let him talk what family he's involved with. A scare-o-meter appears on screen, this means you have to drive as a motorist into oncoming traffic, almost smashing walls and driving very fast on roads. But don't drive onto the motorways or the cops will chase you, so stay on The Strip. The easiest way is to drive to Las Venturas Airport and drive rounds and rounds over the runway. The scare-o-meter increases when the man gets more scared. Be aware not to crash into cars or other objects or you'll risk the man's death which will fail the mission! Once the scare-o-meter is full, the mobster will accidentally tell CJ who he works for. He's working for the Sindacco Family and he swears revenge. Take the Sindacco back to The Four Dragons Casino and stop in the red marker to complete the mission.