Mike Toreno

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Mike Toreno
Mike Toreno
Gender Male
Gang Na.
Hometown San Andreas
GTA GTA San Andreas
Voice James Woods

Mike Toreno is an undercover agent from an unspecified government agency. He disguises himself as a drug dealer to infiltrate the Loco Syndicate, led by T-Bone Mendez and Jizzy B. He arranges the partnership with Big Smoke and Ryder, but didn't count on Carl Johnson who also started to thwart the Loco Syndicate. CJ doesn't know Toreno's true intentions and thinks he is a real member of the Syndicate. As such, he tries to kill Toreno by shooting down his helicopter with a rocket launcher.

Later, CJ receives a phone call from someone who distorts his voice and refuses to reveal his identity before CJ shows him what he's worth. CJ has to do this by completing a checkpoint race with a Monster within a certain amount of time. When CJ succeeds, his mysterious employer is revealed to be Mike Toreno, who somehow managed to survive the helicopter crash. He explains he infiltrated the Syndicate as a undercover agent and that he can use CJ in his fight against crime. He threatens Sweet may be harmed if CJ doesn't cooperate, but promise to get Sweet out of prison if CJ proves useful.

Toreno is aware of the corruption of C.R.A.S.H., but doesn't seem to be very interested in gang crime and drug dealing in Los Santos anymore, since the Loco Syndicate is gone. Toreno explains he has to make difficult choices, meaning that he sometimes has to allow and even commit crimes for a greater good. In a way, his views are similar to those of officer Tenpenny, although Toreno isn't corrupt and does not abuse his powers for his own benefits.

Toreno rarely explains the reasons of the missions he gives to Carl. He just tells him what to do and sends him on his way. He even orders CJ to buy a deserted airstrip with his own money to learn to fly, because he needs a pilot for his next jobs. Later on, when CJ has repeatedly shown his capabilities, Toreno becomes somewhat more sympathetic towards Carl and even starts to show some respect.

His exact motives remain a mystery. Toreno refers to historic events several times and implies history isn't always what we are told, and that certain things in history are better left untold. In the mission Stowaway, an unknown plane lands on CJ's air strip. Toreno seems to know what is going on and sends CJ to go on board the plane to blow it up mid-air. Agents on board the plane make remarks as if they are not from Earth.

The Truth doesn't trust Toreno and his agency at all and condemns Carl for working with him. The Truth gives Carl other strange missions in which Carl gets involved with more seemingly extra terrestrial business.

After the mission Stowaway Toreno disappears for a while, until he hijacks the intercom of Madd Dogg's Mansion. Toreno gives Carl yet another almost impossible job in which he has to break into a air craft carrier, steal a jet and blow up several boats with it. When, after CJ has managed to do this, Toreno says he has another job, Carl snaps and points a pistol at Toreno's head. Toreno is not impressed and calmly explains his last job is to pick up Sweet, who is released from prison. Toreno leaves and is never seen again.