Madd Dogg (mission)

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
The Meat Business
Madd Dogg
Saint Mark's Bistro
Starts at Marker Royal Casino
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward Respect

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Madd Dogg ended up in a depressive downward spiral after his Rhymebook was stolen and his manager was killed. Liquor became his only friend and he staggers drunk over the ledge of the roof of the Royal Casino. You'll hear people say he wants to commit suicide, two croupiers are on the rescue, some people shout excitedly and make bets: will he jump or not.

After the cut scene you must get in the white Walton, which stands on the parking lot. Kill the driver, who makes a phone call next to the Walton, and go back to the casino. As from now you must ride along with Madd Dogg, so when he jumps he doesn't fall on the ground but on the boxes in the back of the Walton.

After a while Madd Dogg prepares himself to jump, this is your last chance of putting your car at the right spot! When everything goes well Madd Dogg jumps on the boxes, otherwise you'll fail the mission. Now you will have to drive quietly to the Ivory Towers Drive-Thru Mental Clinic in Redsands East. You have no time limit so you don't have to hurry. Don't crash because each obstacle could be the end of your patient.


  • The Walton in this mission is bulletproof, you can save this car into your garage if you want.
  • It is not necessary to follow Madd Doggs steps on the roof, cause the spot of the marker is the location where he will jump. However, make sure he lands on the back of the car.
  • When you have used the "Riot" cheat, Madd Dogg will jump right after the cut scene. You are then obliged to start a new game.