The Meat Business

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Intensive Care
The Meat Business
Fish in a Barrel
Madd Dogg
Starts at Marker Caligula's Casino
Given by Ken Rosenberg
Reward $8,000.=

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Grab a car and take Ken Rosenberg to the Sindacco Abattoir. You'll get to see a cut scene in which Johnny Sindacco will recognize Carl Johnson and dies from a heart attack. The Sindaccos launch a full attack. A mobster throws a molotov cocktail, which creates a barrier between two areas of the abattoir. Kill all mobsters in the room, while Ken takes a fire extinguisher and extinguishes the flames. Meanwhile kill all the mobsters you see.

Ken hides in the freezer, make sure nobody touches the switch and locks him up otherwise Ken's health will start to decrease. When they succeed to lock up Ken walk to the door of the freezer and use the Triangle [PS2] or [enter]-button [PC] to open the door and free Ken. Shoot everybody in the whole factory, Ken will now follow you. Make your way to the exit at the other side of the factory. Once outside bring Ken Rosenberg back to Caligula's Palace and you have passed the mission!


  • There is a health pick-up back in the Sindacco office and an armor inside the freezer, in case you need them.
  • During this mission Ken Rosenberg is under the influence of drugs and when the fight is at its fieriest Ken confuses CJ with Tommy Vercetti, the main character of GTA Vice City. He says: "This is so exciting, Tommy, it's like old times!", to which a confused CJ responds: "Who the fuck is Tommy?".


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