Mitch Baker

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"Big" Mitch Baker
Mitch Baker
"Big" Mitch Baker
Gender Male
Gang Biker Gang
Hometown Vice City
GTA GTA Vice City
Voice Lee Majors

'Big' Mitch Baker is a Vietnam war veteran who currently is a high ranking member of the Biker Gang in Vice City. He was rewarded with a Purple Heart after killing an entire village of Vietcong but was disappointed by the treatment of war veterans which caused his current grudge against the society. He was jailed multiple times. Mitch recognises no authorities, with the exception of his own gang, to which loyalty matters a great deal.

Tommy Vercetti contacts Mitch in 1986 to ask him if the Biker Gang wanted to protect the rock band Love Fist during a concert, but Mitch wants Tommy to prove himself before he agrees on any relationship. Mitch tells him there's more to being part of the Biker Gang than brawling and running errands. He also found out Tommy didn't got any help from the Forelli Family when he was sent to jail after a job for the family.

Mitch previously met Kent Paul, who wanted to ask the same favor as Tommy. Mitch clearly loathes him and claimed "he left through the window, in nothing but his limey birthday-suit".

Mitch can also be heard on V-Rock in GTA Vice City, a radio station Mitch called because he was fed up with the hair bands and soft rock Lazlow plays.