Three Leaf Clover

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Mission in GTA IV
Waste Not Want Knots
between 6:00 and 19:00
you have to wear a suit and tie
Three Leaf Clover
Taking in the Trash,
Actions Speak Louder than Words
Most Wanted Alderney
Random character: Marnie
Random character: Eddie Low
Random character: Ivan Bytchkov
Starts at PackieMarker.png McRearys house
Given by Patrick McReary
Reward $250.000,=
forage cap
you can go to Alderney
Friendship with Packie

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Before you start this mission you will have to get yourself a suit with a tie and some descent shoes, which you can buy at Perseus. You will have to start this mission between 6:00 and 19:00, otherwise the bank will be closed. In this mission you will have to rob the Liberty City Bank in Chinatown, together with Patrick, Derrick and Michael. After the first cut scene you will have to find a 4-door car. Then you have to pick up the other three guys and drive to the bank in Chinatown. Once you get there another cut scene starts. You will see the four masked men taking over the bank and all civilians will lay on the ground. One of the men will forge a bank employee to open the door towards the safe. Once the door is open Derrick will go downstairs towards the safe and place a bomb to blow up the door so they can take the money. At that moment one of the hostages wants to take town the robbers, and he shoots Michael. Patrick kills this man and at that moment the bomb explodes. The bank’s alarm alarms the police. Now you have to go to the safe and get the money. Once you are in the safe a cut scene starts and you will see how Niko putts the money in bags and brings everything upstairs. When he is upstairs, the police have arrived.

Now you will have to flee along with Patrick and Derrick. You can take cover at the exit of the bank, between the two doors. You can throw a grenade towards the police cars, or kill the policemen with other weapons. After some policemen are killed Patrick and Derrick will flee into an alley, follow them. Inside the alley they will take cover, because of the policemen and NOOSE-agents who attack them. You will have to kill them all, so you can move along. This can be done quickly by throwing a grenade or shooting with a rocket launcher at the police car which is at the end of the alley. This way the surrounding policemen will be killed or hurt badly. After all policemen are dead, the two brothers will move along. Again they will be stopped by policemen, and again you will have to kill them. Like the previous one, destroying the police car will be very helpful. Near this car there will be body armor. When you move along, there will be no more police cars, only policemen you have to kill. You will have to follow Patrick and Derrick until a cut scene starts.

You will see the three robbers being chased by an Annihilator, and Patrick and Derrick flee into the subway. You will have to follow them inside, but be careful. At the second corner there will be two policemen. Once you meet with Patrick and Derrick, there will be many policemen. You better kill them from a distance, you they will not hit you. After they are dead, several NOOSE-agents will come up the stairs. So stay where you are and shoot them as well. Once they are dead, you better take the health package which is on a pole. Now you have to go down the stairs. On the other side of the track NOOSE-agents will come down the stairs and a train will pass, so no-one can one-another. After the train is gone you will have to shoot them. A few seconds later another train will pass. This is your chance, when the train passes, you will have to jump on the track and go right away from the agents. Patrick and Derrick will follow you, but they will stop and kill some agents. You better help them with it. After that you will have to go further, together with the brothers, until you reach a point where you can go upstairs. Over there you will see a first aid kit, you better use it if you are low on health. After that you have to move on. You will not find any agents on your route, so you better hurry up, so there will not be many agents at the exit! Once you are out on the street you will see a Huntley Sport to your right. Get in and wait for Patrick and Derrick to get in. Now you have to drive to Patrick’s house, but first you have to lose your wanted level. Once you have lost your wanted level and you arrive at the house, the mission is passed!


  • Make sure you have full health and armor
  • Make sure you have enough weapons, like a hand grenade, rocket launcher and a SMG. A carbine rifle will not be necessary, because you get one, with maximum ammunition, when the mission starts.
  • Take cover in the alleys.
  • If you find it difficult to lose your wanted level, you can visit a Pay 'n' Spray, but be sure the cops do not see you!


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