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Niko Bellic Roman Bellic Dimitri Rascalov Darko Brevic Brucie Kibbutz Little Jacob Badman
Michelle Vladimir Glebov Mikhail Faustin Manny Escuela Elizabeta Torres Playboy X Dwayne Forge
Francis McReary Patrick McReary Derrick McReary Gerald McReary Kate McReary Ray Boccino Phil Bell
James Pegorino U.L. Paper Jon Gravelli Ray Bulgarin Bernie Crane Gracie Ancelotti Luca Silvestri
Brian Meech Mel Ilyena Faustin Hossan Sara Pathos Marnie
Eddie Low Jeff Cherise Glover Ivan Bytchkov Clarence Little Bledar Morina Tom Goldberg
Gordon Sargent Michael Keane Mallorie Bardas Carmen Ortiz Kiki Jenkins Alexandra Chilton Lola
Isaac Roth Kenny Petrovic

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