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Most walls in GTA2 are solid, which means you cannot walk through them. Still, you may want to create tiles which are unsolid, like streetpoles or partially solid, like fences. You can do this by adjusting the collision info of the tiles. Each tile has three collision options:

  • None - Unsolid, everything can pass through this tile.
  • Wall - Partially unsolid, only bullets can pass through this tile.
  • Wall + Bullet - Solid, nothing can pass through this tile.

The collision info can be changed by clicking a tile with the right mouse button in the tile selector:

Selecting collision info.

You can view the work area in collision info mode by pressing '3'. This will look like this:

Collison info mode.
  • Black - None (but horizontal and diagonal tiles are also black)
  • Gray - Wall
  • Green - Wall + Bullet.

Sometimes tiles have the wrong collision info when you create a new map, so it's important to check your map for unsolid tiles. In the above image the door of the building is black, which means it should be corrected. The fence is gray, which means players can shoot through it.


  • You can use collision info to create some nice effects. It may be a good idea to make your fences "wall", so players can shoot through them. Little details such as street poles or signs are often "none", to prevent them from hampering gameplay.
  • Black in collision info mode isn't always 'none': it can also be horizontal or diagonal tiles!
  • Pillars and half-width blocks are always unsolid, but there is a special TOWER object you can script to make pillars appear to be solid.

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