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It may seem pointless to have a whole chapter about the edge of a level, but it is important to know a thing or two about this subject.

When you scroll to one of the edges of the level in block type mode, you'll see a large orange wall like in this picture:

The corner of a level in block type mode.

The orange walls are, as you've probably noticed in normal view, invisible. Despite this, they're solid: you can't walk through them. These walls make sure nothing will leave the map, because the game will become unstable if this happens. Therefore it's important to leave these walls intact.

All blocks behind the invisible wall will be endlessly repeated, so you won't see a black void at the edge of the map.


  • The wall will stop everything from passing through, but it looks strange when you bump into 'nothing'. Create logical obstacles in front of the edge, like buildings, fences or water.
  • The blocks behind the edge will be multiplied. Keep this in mind when you're designing your map, or you'll end up with an infinite amount of fences at the edge of your level!
  • Even when it isn't possible to get directly to the edge, you should leave the wall intact. This prevents crashes when players, for example, get shot over a building with the rocket launcher.
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