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Zooka Arena, a popular fan-made multiplayer level.

There are many unofficial levels available for GTA2. To play these mods, you'll have to download and install them. Luckily, installing GTA2 maps is simple. Always read the readme which is included with most mods, because the readme normally explains how a mod should be installed. The tutorial below can be useful if the readme is missing or unclear.


A RAR file.

If you download a level, the files will be packed into a .zip- or .rar-file (as pictured left). Before you can install the mod, you first have to unpack the compressed file with a program like WinZip or WinRAR.

Possible files

After you unpacked the file, several files will appear. How many and what sort of files may vary. Several different file-types are listed below.

Files that don't replace original files
.gmp Level The actual level.
.scr Script There can be as much script files as the number of players, but this isn't always the case. Note that Windows may recognise .scr files as screensavers.
.mmp Multiplayer file These files are only needed for multiplayer maps. The number of .mmp-files match the number of supported players.
Files that do replace original files (remember to make a back-up)
test1.seq Singleplayer file This file is only needed for singleplayer maps. This file replaces the original, so don't forget to make a back-up.
.gxt Text Some mods use new texts, which means one of the five language texts has to be altered. As long as the author of the mod didn't changed original text lines this shouldn't cause any problems. Keep in mind that you have to select the altered text file in the GTA2 Manager; if you changed e.gxt, you have to use the English language.
.sty Images Some mods alter images in GTA2, such as new vehicles or faces, and change wil.-, ste.- of bil.sty. However, this means every level that uses the same images will be changed as well which can cause major problems. Another drawback is that multiplayer is only possible with players who use the same .sty-file. .Sty-files that do not replace an original file cause no problems.
nyc.gci Physics This file contains the physics of all vehicles, like their top speed and weight. Exercise caution when changing this file, because it will change the physics of the cars in every level. Multiplayer is only possible with players who use the same nyc.gci-file
Unimportant files
.mis Uncompiled script Some modders include the uncompiled script with the mod so other modders can view and use the script. If you have no desire to do so, you do not need this file.
.tmp Uncompiled script This file has no function, but is sometimes erroneously included with the download.
.txt Readme's, info, etc. It is wise to read included text files, but they are not needed to make the mod work.
.jpg, .png, etc. Images, maps, etc. Maps or other images are sometimes includes. These aren't needed to make the mod work.

Installing singleplayer levels

The 'data'-folder. The files of the new multiplayer level 'are' have been selected.

The files of a standard singleplayer level could be:

  • name.gmp
  • name.scr
  • test1.seq
  • readme.txt

It is important to make a back-up of the original 'test1.seq'-file before you install the mod. This file can be found in the folder ...\GTA2\data. Copy this file and paste it somewhere safe (in a newly created 'back-up'-folder, for example). This enables you to restore the original file when you want to remove the mod without re-installing the game.

After you've made a back-up, you can copy all files of the new level into the folder 'data'. You should only have to replace the 'test1.seq'-file, which is safe because you just made a back-up.

Some mods require you to replace more files. Make sure you back-up these files as well before replacing them.

Installing multplayer levels

The files of a standard multiplayer level with 2 to 6 players could be:

  • name.gmp
  • name-6p.scr
  • name-2p.mmp
  • name-3p.mmp
  • name-4p.mmp
  • name-5p.mmp
  • name-6p.mmp
  • readme.txt

(Note that this example only has one .scr-file. Some mods have as much scripts as players)

To install the mod, you have to put all these files (except the readme) in the folder ...\GTA2\data. If you're installing a mod with only the file types in this list, you won't have to replace files. If you do have to replace files, the mod may use a name which is already in use by one of the original levels or another mod.

It's also possible the mod uses files which replace original files, like a .gxt- or a .sty-file. If you replace a file, make sure you created a back-up of the original file, so you can always undo these changes.

All players have to install the multiplayer level to play it. You can install a maximum of 99 .mmp-files: files that exceed this limit will be ignored by the game. This means that you, if all levels support 2 to 6 players, you can use 19 levels at once, although this amount may be higher because not all mods support up to 6 players. The GTA2 Game Hunter solves this problem: all your levels can be selected when setting up a game in the Game Hunter.

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