Dam and Blast

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Key to her Heart
Dam and Blast
Cop Wheels
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward Respect

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The purpose of this mission is to place explosives on the generators of the hydro plant of the Sherman Dam. These will be detonated during the mission Breaking the Bank at Caligula's in order to cut off the power supply to Las Venturas and so cutting off the power supply of Caligula's Palace.

Go to Las Venturas Airport and take off in the Nevada. Fly towards the Sherman Dam, above the dam, high up in the sky, is a corona. Try to gain altitude slowly in order to reach the right altitude of where the corona can be found, at the right altitude the blip on the radar becomes a square. If you try to gain altitude quickly by flying steep upwards the plane will lose speed and start to decline. Fly through the corona and jump out of the plane after which the plane crashes.

Land with the parachute in the marker at the dam. It doesn't matter if you land in the water, you can still swim towards the marker. Make your way to the end of the dam quay, next to a container you can pick up a knife. Kill the guards using the stealth-mode. Enter the dam, use the shadows and crouch to evade and kill the guards, in total there are eight guards: two outside, two downstairs and four next to the generators. Place explosives on all five generators, start with the closest and continue to the next until you placed all five charges. When all explosives are placed leave the dam through the door at the back. The police will arrive and guards have sealed your way back into the dam. You'll see CJ jumping from the top of the dam and dive into the water. You will now have a 2 star wanted level, but you passed the mission as soon as you hit the water.


  • Because you lost all your weapons and will only find a knife you'll have to be cautious, when discovered you'll risk being shot and maybe die. There's an alternative: as soon as you landed with the parachute jump into the water and swim to the nearest shore. Get out of the water, find a vehicle and drive to an Ammu-Nation. Buy some weapons with enough ammo and go back to the dam. Once on the dam quay you can continue the mission and use the "Rambo-mode": shoot your way inside and the mission is passed in the blink of an eye.
  • Due to a glitch it's possible to keep your weapons in this mission! Don't use the parachute as soon as you jumped out of the plane, it's important to keep the parachute in your possession. After you've fallen into the water swim towards the marker, climb onto the quay and walk into the marker. Now you'll notice that you've lost all your weapons. Jump back into the water and your weapons have returned miraculously! The only weapon you might lose are the brass knuckles if you had any. Now climb back onto the quay and continue the mission.


Take off.
At the corona.
Dam quay.
Placing explosive.
Mission passed!