Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Up, Up and Away!
Saint Mark's Bistro
Keycard of Millie Perkins
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
No next mission
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward $100,000.=
Croupier outfit in wardrobe.
Night-vision goggles spawn throughout San Andreas.

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After all the preparations it's finally time to rob Caligula's Palace. At the start of this mission Carl is wearing a croupier outfit and has a 'Cesar' haircut.

Go to Caligula's Palace and enter the casino, holster your weapons until you are past the staff door or you'll draw attention from the guards and blow your cover. You'll have a four minutes time limit in order to let your team inside through the back door. Go to the other end of the casino and open the staff door using the swipe card of Millie. Go down one level towards a room with generators, throw a tear gas grenade through the vent shaft at the back of this room. Now go to another room on the same floor, meanwhile Zero shuts down the electricity by blowing up the explosive charges in the Sherman Dam. For a better view use the night-vision goggles you got at the start of this mission. Open the door with the swipe card and continue to the 'service bay'. Use the Forklift to open the roller door: by placing the fork of the forklift under the roller door and lift the fork. This has to be done within four minutes as mentioned before, when successful this time limit disappears.

Now you'll have another time limit of seven minutes to get the money out of the vault and escort your team back to the Service Bay. Meanwhile security guards try to block you and your team, kill them all; follow and protect the team to the vault. At the vault grab the satchel charges, Zero tells you that they try to power up the emergency generators so you'll have to destroy them. Kill two guards at the generator room and place a satchel charge on both generators, keep a safe distance and blow them to pieces. Head back to the vault and enter the vault to collect the money. Now the mafia will show up, protect the team while they put the money in bags. On your way back to the Service Bay more mafia will try to stop you, again protect your team and lead them towards the exit where the Securicar and the cop bikes are. The time limit will disappear when your team escapes. Now you are the decoy while your team drives away with the money, you'll have to go to the roof with the service elevator. Meanwhile kill all the mafia who try to stop you.

Once on the roof climb and run over the roof to the other end where you'll have to pick up a parachute and base-jump of the casino. You'll have to land on a roof of another building across the street, kill the S.W.A.T. agents and grab the Police Maverick. If you don't succeed to reach the other roof just land on the street and grab a vehicle. You won't have a wanted level but there will be a Police Maverick chasing you which could place S.W.A.T. units on the ground, so don't stick around and keep moving. Fly or drive to Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard in the desert and land or stop in the marker. A cut scene follows and you'll spawn back at The Four Dragons Casino.


  • After you completed this mission without failing your former haircut will return once it's passed. If you fail the mission the Cesar haircut will stay.
  • One of the four night-vision goggles, which are available from now on, is unreachable!


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