Key to Her Heart

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Architectural Espionage
Key to Her Heart
Dam and Blast
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by Carl Johnson
Reward Respect
Marker Millie is your girlfriend
Gimp suit in your wardrobe

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You'll have to capture a swipe card of one of the croupiers who works at Caligula's Palace. It's a woman and you'll have to fancy her.

Get a vehicle and drive into the red marker at the casino, a female croupier will come out en drive away in a pink Club. A 'Spook-O-Meter' will appear on-screen: if you get too close you'll spook her, but if she gets too far ahead you'll lose her. So stay on a certain distance behind her, if you spook her or if you lose her the mission will fail. Follow her until she goes into a sex shop, enter the sex shop after her. Step into the marker at the back of the shop, a short cut scene follows. She has an appointment with her master Benny and needs a tight kinky suit, because that's what he likes. After she leaves the shop enter the dressing room and put on the gimp suit, which costs you $200.=, and leave the shop.

Now the Spook-O-Meter returns so keep your distance and follow her to Millie's house in Prickle Pine. Drive into the red marker across the street and wait for Benny, her master, which you have to kill. Benny will come walking from the right with a dildo in his hand, kill him and step into the marker at the door of her house. A cut scene follows in which you'll have sex with her. Afterwards you'll be outside and from now on you'll have a new girlfriend, Millie Perkins. But you'll have to wine and dine her before she gives you her key card, you'll need to kill her or reach 35% progress in the relationship in order to get the swipe card.


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