The Holland Play

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Mission in GTA IV
Photo Shoot
Undress to Kill
The Holland Play
Random character: Cherise
Starts at PlayboyMarker.png Playboy X's apartment
Given by Playboy X
Reward Kill Dwayne:
$25 000,=
Kill Playboy X: Playboy's apartment as save house, friends with Dwayne and the GTA III outfit.

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Playboy X tells you what to do.

This mission contains two parts.

Part I: The Holland Play...

Playboy X is not happy about the fact that Niko and Dwayne have taken over the stripclub in the previous mission. He imposes that Dwayne does not know how things work nowadays. He asks Niko to kill Dwayne for a large amount of money. Niko ays he will think about is. Not much later, after you left Playboy’s apartment, Dwayne will call you. He wants you to kill Playboy, because he does not involve him in business any more. later you will talk to Playboy again, he asks you if you have already made a descission . Niko says he has. Now you can choose between killing Playboy or dwayne.

Part II: ...The Holland Play

KillDwayneMarker.png - Dwayne

When you descide to kill Dwayne, you must go to his apartment. A cut-scene will appear, in which you will see Niko destroy the door. Dwayne weird roommate will come to you with a baseball bat. Kill him and go to the door on your right. You will see Dwayne walking around in his kitchen. Go to him and execute him. Niko will shoot Dwayne in the back of his head, after which the mission is passed.

KillPlayboyMarker.png - Playboy X

If you dexcide to kill Playboy X, you must go to his apartment in North Holland. playboy will ask you what you are doing, after which niko tells him it is not Dwayne who is the problem, but he is. Playboy will now take a run for it and Niko will automaticly take cover in the elevator. kill the five gangsters who are in the room out of your cover and go to the balkony. You will see Playboy jump to the adjecent roof and you will have to follow him.Go to the other roof and then through the door on your left down the staircase. Now you will be out on the street. Playboy went into an alleyway across the street, but a Patriot with some more North Holland Hustler-gangsters will try to prevent you from reaching the other side of the street.They are not that difficult to avoid, so sprint to the alleyway. You will see Playboy who is trying to open a locked door, but he will have to face the fact that Niko is closing in on him. Now execute him and watch how Niko shoots Playboy in his throat. After this you will automaticly call Dwayne, hwo will thank you and gives you Playboy’s Loft as a reward. Dwayne now will be a friend of you as well.


If you take the second option, killing Playboy X, you will receive an e-mail from Dwayne Forge. After you reply this e-mail positively the friendship will start and Dwayne will call Niko to make an appointment.


Kill Dwayne
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Kill Playboy X
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