Zeroing In

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
Back to School
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Zeroing In
Test Drive
Starts at Marker Doherty Garage
Given by Zero
Reward $5,000.=
Marker Wheel Arch Angels is open. An Uranus spawns
in Wang Cars.

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In order to be able to start this mission you'll have to buy Wang Cars for an amount of $50,000.=, this is indicated with a Marker marker at Wang Cars. This Marker marker moves to the Doherty Garage, where this mission will start, after Wang Cars is bought.

In this mission you'll have to follow a woman in an Uranus, which you have to steal. You will get a special device from Zero, which picks up telephone-signals of her cellphone. There will be a red square at the place where the person in the car called for the last time. You have to be at the square before the square turns white and disappears, because then you lost the car.

When you are doing well, you will see the car and there will be a red arrow which indicate the car until you loose it again, then follow the situation as is described above.

Try to make the car get out of balance with the P.I.T. Maneuver, which you learned at the Driving School. Drive next to the car and ram it on the side so it turns around, the woman will get out and run away. Get into the Uranus and bring it back to your garage in Doherty.


They are playing cards.
Don't let her escape!
Try to ram the side of the car.
Get into the car.
On the way back to the garage.
Mission passed!