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Wang Cars in GTA2

Wang Cars is a car dealer in San Fierro and Anywhere City, in respectively GTA San Andreas and GTA2. The Eastern name is a pun: It is pronounced as 'Wankers'. The car showroom has a small role in both GTA's.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas Wang Cars can be bought after completing the driving school and the mission 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom'. Wang Cars give you four missions, several races and an import garage. Wang Cars becomes an asset after completing the four missions, generating to $8,000.= every day. Wang Cars is located next to TransFender in San Fierro, near the Doherty Garage.


In GTA2, Wang Cars is located in the Residential District. Scattered around in this district, you can find eight numbered sports cars. These cars are 'GT-A1s', fast, but hard to control cars which can't be found on the streets in singleplayer. When you enter a GT-A1, you will be teleported to the Wang Cars lot, you receive $5,000.= and a number will appear on the wall. If you manage to find all eight Wang Cars (in random order), you'll be teleported to the Wang Car lot as usual, but you'll receive $100,000.= and eight different armed vehicles will appear on the lot. There is a 'Foo Car' lot in the Industrial District (which name is pronounced as 'fuckers'), but there are no 'Foo Cars' hidden in this level.



  1. You'll find several crates south of the police Department in Dominatrix. Jump those crates until you reach a Wang Car in a building.
  2. Get to the red phone of the Rednecks. Head East until you see a ramp. Use this ramp to get on a small island, where you'll find a Wang Car.
  3. Go to the razed bridge of the Alma Mater State Prison. Go to the water at the West and look for a ramp in the form of a jetty. Use this ramp to reach the other side of the water, where you'll find some crates and a Wang Car.
  4. Go into the sewer between the roadlanes in Stromberg. There is a entrance (it's hard to see, but it's there) in the South wall, which leads you to a Wang Car.
  5. Go on the roof of The Mall. There is a high walkway, which spans over the road to another building. Follow it to another walkway, which leads to the roof with a Wang Car.
  6. Get on the high bridge above the Redneck Mobile RV Park. There's a entrance in a northern wall in Guntersville. It leads to a Wang Car.
  7. On one of the corners of the same bridge, in Zenoton, you'll see a ramp. Jump gently over this ramp and you'll land on top of a building on the other side of the road. You'll find a Wang Car on this roof.
  8. Go to the guard tower on the South-West corner of the Army Base. On the opposite side of the road, you'll see an entrance in the wall. Enter it to find the last Wang Car.


Enter seven of the eight Wang Cars and save your game at the church. Load your savegame and you'll find all Wang Cars in place. Enter all Wang Cars to receive the Wang Car bonus eight times, stocking the Wang Car lot with Tanks, Furore GT's, etc! Don't worry about the money you need to save the game, as the bonus is more than enough to cover that.

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