Don Peyote

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
You've Had your Chips
Don Peyote
Intensive Care
Starts at Marker The Four Dragons Casino
Given by The Truth
Reward Respect

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Outside The Four Dragons Casino The Truth calls you to ask you for a favor. He took some friends deep into the desert on a peyote safari and woke up in a Japanese bath house in Los Santos. He doesn't know where his friends are, a British rock band and their manager. You will have to check if they are okay.

Go to Arco Del Oeste and pick up the two friends. You need a car with four seats, otherwise they won't fit in it! After that you have to drive to the red marker and a cut scene starts in which you get introduced to the manager named Kent Paul and his friend Maccer. Together with Paul and Maccer you have to look for the rest of the band. They say they remember snakes, so drive to the snake farm down the road. Some rednecks attack Maccer and Paul and chase you! Escape from your pursuers and drive to Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas. When you arrive, Paul decides it's time to take out the rednecks for good. You will have to help Paul and Maccer to eliminate the rednecks, after which you get to meet Ken Rosenberg. Rosenberg appears to be burden of a depression. Paul wants a word with him alone and sends you away. He promises to call you later when he needs you. Once outside the casino, Carl calls Woozie and says he has found a way to scope Caligula's without too much suspicion.


  • Kill the four quarrel makers at the Snake Farm, so you will not be troubled on your way to Caligula's Palace.
  • During the journey to the Snake Farm, Kent Paul says he doesn't feel well and asks you to pull over and just later Maccer has to do his need.
  • Take a Sultan to pick up the two friends, considering the distance that you must cover and since this car has a good grip.


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