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Safe houses in GTA San Andreas are indicated with a SavehouseMarker.gif if you can buy it, with a AssetMarker.gif if you can't buy it and with a SavePointMarker.gif when you've already bought it. GTA San Andreas has 37 safe houses and 12 different interiors for these safe houses. Two interiors are not used in the final game.

Map with all safe houses.

Safe houses

Safe house Location Price Garage Extra's
Johnson House Los Santos $0,=Free after Sweet & Kendl Up to 4 vehicles [1][2] Daily profit of $10,000.=, spray can (after Tagging up Turf), camera, after 100 Tags: AK 47, Tec-9, sawnoff shotgun and molotov cocktails.
Jefferson Los Santos $10,000.=
Mulholland Los Santos $120,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Santa Maria Beach Los Santos $30,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Verona Beach Los Santos $10,000.=
Verdant Bluffs Los Santos $10,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Willowfield Los Santos $10,000.=
Madd Dogg's Mansion Los Santos $0,=Free after A Home in the Hills Fitness room, video games "Bee Bee Gone!" and "Duality", Night vision goggles, health, armor. This safe house does not have a wardrobe. Bug: Saving here could cause the 'basketball glitch', which means you can't play basketball any more.
Angel Pine Trailer Whetstone $0,=Free after The Green Sabre Sanchez, micro SMG
Angel Pine Whetstone $20,000.=
Whetstone Whetstone $100,000.=
Blueberry Red County $10,000.=
Dillimore Red County $40,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Palomino Creek Red County $35,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Catalina's Cabin Red County $0.=Free after Body Harvest Buffalo, shovel
Doherty Garage San Fierro $0.=Free after Are You Going to San Fierro? Up to 4 vehicles [2] After 100 Snapshots: micro SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle and grenades.
Calton Heights San Fierro $100,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
China Town San Fierro $20,000.=
Doherty San Fierro $20,000.=
Hashbury San Fierro $40,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Paradiso San Fierro $20,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Vank Hoff in the Park Hotel San Fierro $50,000.=
Mike Toreno's Ranch Tierra Robada $0.=Free after Yay Ka-Boom-Boom Minigun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and heat-seeking rocket launcher after Vertical Bird.
El Quebrados Tierra Robada $20,000.=
Tierra Robada Tierra Robada $20,000.= Sanchez
Fort Carson Bone County $30,000.= Up to 4 vehicles Speeder
Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard Bone County $80,000.= Up to 8 vehicles [3] PCJ 600. The flight school rewards you with a Rustler, Stuntplane and Hunter for completing all missions respectively bronze, silver and gold. Leviathan (after Up, Up and Away!), Hydra (after Vertical Bird). After Green Goo a daily profit of $10,000.= and a jetpack. The flight school does not have a wardrobe.
The Four Dragons Casino Las Venturas $0.=Free after the Flight School Casino, after 50 Horseshoes: M4, SMG, combat shotgun and satchel charges
Creek Las Venturas $10,000.=
Old Venturas Strip Las Venturas $6,000.=
Pirates in Men's Pants Las Venturas $6,000.=
Prickle Pine Las Venturas $50,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Redsands West Las Venturas $30,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
Rockshore West Las Venturas $20,000.= Up to 4 vehicles
The Camel's Toe Las Venturas $6,000.=
The Clown's Pocket Las Venturas $6,000.=
Whitewood Estates Las Venturas $30,000.= Up to 4 vehicles



[1] The game tells you the garage is full after two vehicles and the door won't open for more vehicles. It is possible to add more vehicles by quickly driving inside after the door opened for CJ on foot.
[2] The garages of the Johnson House and the Doherty Garage are accessible even before you have acquired them.
[3] You can store eight vehicles here: four in the garage and four in the big hangar.

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