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Available: After the mission Three Leaf Clover.

Albanian Outfit

Albanian suit.jpg

Available: After the mission I Need your Clothes, your Boots, and your Motorcycle.

GTA III Outfit

GTA III Outfit.jpg

Available: After the mission The Holland Play.
Extra: The GTA III outfit is only available at Playboy X' Crib if you kill Playboy X during The Holland Play.

Trash Suit

Trash suit.jpg

Available: After the mission Taking in the Trash.

Medic Uniform

Medic suit.jpg

Available: After the mission Flatline.
Extra: The Medic suit is only available at your safe house if you complete the mission Flatline the alternative way. You can find the suit in one of the side rooms in the hospital.

Happiness shirt

Happiness suit.jpg

Available: Can be found at the Statue of Happiness.

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