Vertical Bird

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Mission in GTA San Andreas
A Home in the Hills
Vertical Bird
Home Coming
Starts at Marker Madd Dogg's Mansion
Given by Mike Toreno
Reward $50,000.=
Hydra at Verdant Meadows
All heavy artillery weapons in Mike Toreno's Ranch.

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In this mission you'll have to destroy a flotilla of spy ships for Mike Toreno. In order to do that you'll need to steal a Hydra from an amphibious assault ship moored in the Easter Basin Naval base, San Fierro.

After Toreno dropped you off along the shore of The Panopticon a Squalo with a silenced 9mm and a knife will be waiting for you. Go along the Easter Bay Airport towards the carrier, head to the rear door at the back of the ship. You'll have to swim the last part when close to the rear door, otherwise you'll be detected, the rear door will be closed and you'll fail the mission. As soon as you entered the ship you'll get a cut scene, which explains you'll have to switch off the SAM sites in the control room before you can take off with a Hydra.

You could try using the stealth-mode to reach the control room to switch off the SAM sites, but there ain't a difference if you just kill everybody on board. Be aware that the soldiers on board will fire at you with a M4. When you switched off the SAM sites you'll have to leave the ship with a Hydra, in total there are three Hydra's on board. After take off you'll get a short briefing about the controls of the Hydra.

From now on you'll be chased by three other Hydras, you have the choice to blast them out of the sky or to fly in circles, after a while the other Hydras will crash. When the other Hydras are destroyed, head towards the four spy ships close to the Sherman Dam which you have to destroy all four. Fly in hover-mode by pointing the thruster nozzles downwards, aim at the spy ships and blow them to pieces. The missiles of the Hydra have the same principal as the rockets of a heat-seeking rocket launcher: first the aim at the target is green and when it's red you can fire the missiles. When all spy ships are destroyed you'll have to fly to Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard. After you landed the Hydra in the marker you'll have to drive it in the open hangar.


  • In the first part of this mission, when you're in the Squalo, it's impossible to get a wanted level. This gives you the opportunity to easily collect Oyster 14 and Oyster 21 at the Easter Basin Naval base, San Fierro.
  • When you reach the Hydra's in the carrier you can already destroy two of them, but be sure you don't destroy the last one! Now only one Hydra will chase you in stead of three.
  • When you're having trouble with the controls of the Hydra you can also land the plane somewhere. Get out and destroy the spy ships with a rocket launcher or a heat-seeking rocket launcher. Get back in your Hydra and fly to Verdant Meadows to complete the mission.
  • If you got all gold medals at the Flight School you can land the Hydra at your abandoned airstrip and destroy the spy ships with the Hunter.
  • It's possible to practice for this mission by spawning a Hydra and fly above Area 69. Then some Hydra's will chase you and you can practice shooting them.
    • Spawn Hydra for PC: JUMP JET
    • Spawn Hydra for PS2: TriangleTriangleSquareCircleCrossL1L1DownUp
    • Spawn Hydra for XBOX: YYXBALeft TriggerLeft TriggerDownUp


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