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Just as for GTA IV, Rockstar developed some awards, known as Achievements. You can gain these after completing a drugdeal or after unlocking different cases. Here's a list of all the eight Achievements and the information of how to complete them:

Achievement Awarded by How to get
Achievement Bong.png Jeweled Bong Righteous Rasta Brotherhood of Bling Deal in both herb types. (Weed and Acid)
Achievement Pillbox.png Diamond Pill Box Dance, Dance, Dance Council of Hardcore Mentalists Deal in both pill types. (Downers and Ecstasy)
Achievement Syringe.png Platinum Syringe Agency of Centered Intelligence Deal in both powder types. (Coke and Heroin)
Achievement Safebox.png Silver Safe The most honorable Fut Tze and Dau Jonz Tongs Make $2,000 profit in one deal.
Achievement Spoon.png Wooden Spoon The ill favoured Wan Kee Tong Lose $500 in one deal.
Achievement Binoculars.png Golden Binoculars Lost Brothers of Junk and Skunk Find 40 drugs dealers.
Achievement Briefcase.png Titanium Briefcase Lost Brothers of Junk and Skunk Find all 80 drugs dealers.
Achievement Key.png Jeweled Key to the City The glorious Council of Headmen Obtain all safe houses.

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