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Name Vehicle Type Location
Admiral Car Passenger car Unknown
Ambulance Car Ambulance Unknown
Angel Bike Motor cycle Unknown
Banshee Car Sports car Unknown
Blista Car Passenger car Unknown
Bobcat Car Pick-up truck Unknown
Buccaneer Car Passenger car Unknown
Burrito Car Van Unknown
Bus Car Bus Unknown
Cabbie Car Taxi Unknown
Cavalcade Car SUV Unknown
Cavalcade FXT Car Pick-up truck Unknown
Chavos Car Passenger car Unknown
Chopper Bike Motor cycle Unknown
Coast Guard Dinghy Boat Rubber boat Unknown
Cognoscenti Car Passenger car Unknown
Comet Car Sports car Unknown
Cruiser Boat Speed boat Unknown
Dinghy Boat Rubber boat Unknown
Dukes Car Passenger car Unknown
Flatbed Car Truck Unknown
Go Kart Car Kart Unknown
Infernus Car Sports car Unknown
Limo Car Limousine Unknown
NRG 900 Bike Motor cycle Unknown
Patriot Car ATV Unknown
Perennial Car Passenger car Unknown
Peyote Car Passenger car Unknown
Police Patrol Car Police car Unknown
Reefer Boat Fishing boat Unknown
Sanchez Bike Motor cycle Unknown
Speeder Boat Speed boat Unknown
Stallion Car Passenger car Unknown
Sultan Car Sports car Unknown
Tanker Car Truck Unknown
Turismo Car Sports car Unknown
Voodooo Car Passenger car Unknown
Wet Ski Boat Jet ski Unknown
Yankee Car Truck Unknown

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