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The ambulance in which you participate in Paramedic

Along with Taxi Driver, Paramedic also makes its comeback in the game. The goal is still the same; pick up people in need of medical care, and deliver them to the hospital. The mission starts automatically when entering one of the ambulances parked at any hospital. You will receive some small information on the blips on your map, and then the mission will start. Every wave consists out of four people almost every time. Unlike the previous games however, you can only pick up one patient at a time. A new feature in Paramedic is that patient can suffer heart failure. Huang has to provide CPR on them. On the NDS version of the game, this is done by tapping the stylus on the touch screen to restore the patient's heart rate. The moment you fail to save a patient, you also fail the mission.

To get closer to 100% completion of the game, you need to save five waves of patients, without quiting or failing the mission.


  • Gold medal
  • You can sprint endlessly
  • $10 for each patient you have rescued

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