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Sean's email
The Lions of Fo

The Guardian Lions, or The Lions of Fo are two golden lion shaped statues. They protected an old shaolin temple before they were transferred to the Libertonian. On the way there however, thieves stole the two statues and unloaded them somewhere in Liberty City. They are worth a fortune, and a few points towards 100% completion of the game. It is your job to retrieve both Lions and claim your reward!

Liberty City is immense in size, and the statues could practically be anywhere. While playing the main game, it is most likely you came across weird blue swirls. These blue swirls are possible locations for the Lions to spawn after you have completed the storyline. They appear once an unknown character named Sean emails you about the theft and the missing statues. After this Sean sent you an email regarding the statues, the search is on!

Possible locations

Blue swirls (Color · low ink · How to print)
Blue swirl 1
Blue swirl 2
Blue swirl 3
Blue swirl 4
Blue swirl 5
Blue swirl 6
Blue swirl 7
Blue swirl 8
Blue swirl 9
Blue swirl 10
Blue swirl 11
Blue swirl 12
Blue swirl 13
Blue swirl 14
Blue swirl 15
Blue swirl 16
Blue swirl 17
Blue swirl 18
Blue swirl 19
Blue swirl 20
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You've found the Guardian Lions!

After finding both Lions, you can access the Rockstar Games Social Club using a Wi-Fi connection. After saving the game, and sending your stats using the pink laptop in your safe house, you can find your rward on this page. The reward consists of two additional missions, given by Ling Shan's younger brother Xin. You can claim the reward by clicking 'Click to view your progress'. If all goes well, you will receive the message that you unlocked Xin's missions. After syncing your stats again, save your game and leave the safe house. Now you will just have to wait a couple of minutes to receive an email from Xin Shan to meet you behind Kenny's Sum Yung Gai. These missions do not count towards 100% completion.

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