Mr. Wong's Laundromat

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Wong Icon Points.png Points
Wong Point Cent.png +$25
Wong Point Money.png +$50
Wong Point Pig.png +$75
Wong Point Bag.png +$150
Wong Point Bar.png +$250
Wong Icon Bonus.png Bonuses
Wong Bonus Cookie.png Extra money
Wong Bonus Newspaper.png Pauses rage meter
Wong Bonus Watch.png Extra time
Wong Icon Repair.png Reparaties
Wong Repair Screwdriver.png Repairs bust washing machine
Wong Repair Powder.png Repairs bust washing machine
Wong Repair Coin.png Repairs bust washing machine
Wong Prize 1.png $750
Wong Prize 2.png $1750
Wong Prize 3.png $3000
Mrwong b6 565.png

Old man Mr. Wong owns one of the oldest and most majestic dry cleaners in Liberty City. Not only does he launder clothes, he also uses his washing to launder money, literally! Rockstar Games has made it possible for us to help Mr. Wong with his business. By clicking on this link, you'll end up on Mr. Wong's webpage where you can start this mini game.

The game

Mr. Wong gives us the opportunity to make some money by working for him. Using your basket, you have to catch all the money that comes dropping out of the laundromats. Dodge the normal clothes, as catching these will anger Mr. Wong. The rage meter of Mr. Wong can be found on the side of the screen. It will increase when you miss too much money, or catch too many pieces of clothing. When the bar is full, you will lose one of your three lives. The laundromats in the game can cease to function. To keep Mr. Wong happy, you have to repair them using items that other (still working) laundromats will drop. When you catch one of the three repairing items mentioned above, one of the bust laundromats will automatically be repaired. The game ends when all of the laundromats no longer function. Of course, your basket will get full from time to time. When this happens, a van will show up in the corner in which you can empty it.


When you finish the game, Mr. Wong will pay you 10% of all the money you got from the laundromats. The money is transferred to a digital piggy bank, where it will be stored until you move it to your game system. You will not only be rewarded with money, as Mr. Wong will also 'donate' some clothes when you reach a certain amount of money. The clothes can then be found in your apartment after transferring them using Wi-Fi.

Mr. Wong's Laundromat

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