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Radar cw bsmall.png 60% criminals killed.
Radar cw ssmall.png 80% criminals killed.
Radar cw gsmall.png 100% criminals killed.
The Police Patrol

Enter any police vehicle to start Vigilante. You are going to assist Liberty City's finest by catching criminals in the act, and killing them. Press Select.gif to activate the police computer. On the screen you can select one out of three criminal activities going on at that moment. A short list of crimes that can show up on the computer: hit & run, carjacking, arson, murder, drug dealing, theft, grand theft auto and forceful entry. Together with a "respond" button, you can also read what kind of weapons the culprits are using, what vehicles they are driving and their current location is shown. When you have pressed "respond", drive to the criminal's current location and deal with them. Do this five times to earn a medal.

You can start this mission whenever you wish. There are five waves in total which you have to survive to attempt to get a medal. You will receive gold when you have killed all criminals five times. If you missed any, you will be rewarded silver or bronze. To get the reward, you need to receive the gold medal.

Police vehicles

You can use these vehicles to start the mission:

Note: Using the Rhino for Vigilante is not possible in Chinatown Wars.

Hints & tips

  • Take your time to get to the next destination as there is no time limit.
  • Once you have accessed a police computer and accepted the vigilante mission, you can switch to another vehicle. Being in a law enforcement affiliated vehicle is no longer neccesary.
  • Starting the mission with a full health and armour bar is recommended.
  • Try to stay away from police officers, as they will attack you if you open fire on criminals.
  • You do not have to do all five waves in a row.


  • Gold medal
  • Double amount of armour

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