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GTA: Chinatown Wars allows you to help the fire brigade once again, in the Firefighter submission. Enter one of the two Fire Trucks that are parked in Northwood. When you enter the vehicle, a yellow blip will show up on the map. This is your first assignment. Also, a timer will show up in the corner. The mission ends when the timer reaches zero. Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games, it is not obligated to finish all missions in a row. Also, you only have to complete 10 levels instead of the usual 12.

Firefighter has been made much more interesting, as far more things have to be put out than in the previous games. Aside from burning vehicles, you can also encounter buildings and people that are ablaze. Occasionally, you also have to scare off protesters using the water cannon. You can aim the water cannon using the stylus when playing the DS version of the game. You will receive additional information on this submission during Jackin' Chan, in which you have to save Chan Jaoming, who is trapped inside his car which has catched fire.

Hints and tips

  • The player is obligated to start this mission near the fire department. This mission cannot be started with a fire truck stolen in traffic.


  • Gold medal
  • Huang is now fire proof.

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