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If you want to play your level in "dusk" mode, you'll have to create lots and lots of lights or else it will be pitch black in your level.

Lights can be created in the map editor by adding light markers. To do this, you'll have to select the block where you want to place the light. This can be everywhere, even inside buildings.

Selecting a location for a light marker.

Go to Edit > Lights > Add selection or press ALT + L. This window will pop up:

Edit Light Data.

This window is used to alter all features of the light you're about to add. You can later change them by double clicking a existing light marker. You can remove created lights by clicking on the button "Del".

The light in the example will enlighten a red neon sign, so the light has to be red. Colors can be selected in Colour > Choose. The intensity of the light can be altered at Intensity, and the size at Radius. You can also make flashing lights with Timing, but this option isn't used very often.

Create the light when all settings are good to go by clicking OK. A light marker will appear in the selected block. If not, go to Edit > Lights > View Markers to show all light markers.

A light marker

To view the level in dusk mod, go to Edit > Lights > View.

Lightning view


  • Don't just use white light. Lights in the color of the tiles they have to enlighten often have a nice effect.
  • Try different colors. Bright colors are good for neon signs, red creates a dark and gloomy atmosphere, yellow creates a sober atmosphere, etc.
  • It is important to create enough lights above roads so players can see where they're driving.
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