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Zones are used for all sorts of features of GTA2, ranging from simple bus stops and traffic lights to complex subway stations and gang areas. There are seventeen different zones.

Een zone toevoegen

Creating a zone

Normally, you can create a zone by selecting the area and go to Edit > Zones > Add selection. However, this causes the editor to crash in several modern operating systems like Windows XP.

Zones are very important, so to overcome this problem you need to add zones in a different way. You can use third party zone-editors or use the zones of another level. The download Map0 zonefix contains an empty level with 175 zones. These zones can be altered by right clicking on them in View > World View and selecting "Edit Zones". Use Map0 to create your map in, or just copy your whole map into Map0.

General Purpose

General Purpose zones simply give a name to a zone so you can refer to it in the script.


Navigation zones are used to give the areas a name that will be shown ingame. If you give a navigation zone certain code names, the game will use the area names used in the GXT files. This will be explained in the Texting Tutorial.

Zones may overlap; the smaller zone will get priority. Equally sized zones may not overlap.

Traffic Light

Traffic light are used to create traffic lights. The zone have to be placed on the junction, but may not cover slopes and have to be at least one screen away from other traffic lights. Traffic lights only work properly on valid junctions. The game will create a traffic light to safely guide all passing cars. You have to create the street poles yourself, or else the traffic lights will float in the air!

Police Station

Police station zones are areas where the police will appear more often and faster when you have a wanted level.

Fire Station

Fire station zones are areas where Fire Trucks appear faster in case of a fire.


Hospital zones are areas where Medicars appear faster in case of an emergency.

Railway Station (Platform)

Railway Station Platform zones create a platform where travellers wait for the train. See Creating a subway for more information.

Bus Stop (Platform)

Bus stop zones create a bus stop where travellers wait for the bus. Bus stop zones should have a size of 1 x 2 blocks and cover pavement directly next to a road. Buses don't have a set route: they just appear near bus stops when the player is near and stop at every bus stop they encounter.

General Trigger

General trigger zones mark the starting point of a general purpose trigger. These are used to start certain scripted events in the script when the player enters the zone.


Information zones are used to determine the amount of vehicles and pedestrians in the area. See Creating gangs for more information

Railway Station Entry Point

See Creating a subway for more information.

Railway Station Exit Point

See Creating a subway for more information.

Railway Stop Point

See Creating a subway for more information.


See Creating gangs for more information

Local Navigation

Local navigation zones are almost identical to normal navigation zones, but they cover a smaller area and are prioritised when they overlap a normal navigation zone.


A restart zone is a location where the player respawns when he's wasted. Every level must have at least one restart zone. The player will respawn in the center of the zone.

Arrest Restart

An arrest restart zone is a location where the player will be thrown out of a Cop Car after being busted. Arrest restart zones have to be 1 x 1 block big and have to be placed on a road. If a level contains now restart zones, busted players will respawn at a restart zone.

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